Pennsic 2012: What inspired you?

We’ve had a “bad things that happened at Pennsic” discussion.  Let’s also talk about the good.  So here’s a question that Master Eldrid put to me:

What did you see at Pennsic that inspired you?

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  • Ruairc

    Her Majesty Atlantia taking the field.

    The amazing commedia dell’arte show on Monday.

    Caitlin’s beautiful kill in the champions’ tourney.

    Sunneva’s Laurel ceremony.

    Watching Atlantia’s rapiers break the enemy’s left flank in the final field battle.

    Chatting with Tom Leoni, then using the stuff he showed me to kill dons.

    The quality and numbers of the entrants in the novice tourney.

    Vlad, calming every altercation with his mere presence.

    Connor’s carnage games.

    Getting completely shut down by Trap in pickups. Dude could read my mind like a large-print picture book.

    Looking down from the top of Mt Eislinn at the enormous acreage of tents and pavilions.

  • Ruairc

    Oh, and Hawkewood getting the Vexillum Atlantiae. They earned it.

  • Gawin

    Guarding my first vigil

    The fencer “cavalry”

    Giacomo’s Pelican schtick

    The bardic at Brother Amos’ vigil

    The armored field in general was super courteous

  • Tibbie Croser

    A number of things have already been mentioned. Some that weren’t:

    Lysanthria (spelling?) from Gleann Abhann, the young lady who was fencing from a wheelchair. She was enjoying herself immensely at Pennsic (I saw her coasting down Brewer’s Road in her chair). It’s a pleasure to be on the field with someone who’s obviously having FUN.

    Don Hrothgar of Trimaris, age 63, getting legged but still beating a younger, bigger opponent in the Rapier Champions’ battle.

    Caitlin’s induction into the Order of the White Scarf. Brother Amos the Pious’s knighting ceremony (first knighting ceremony that I’ve seen).

    My baroness allowed me to fight in her honor at the Ladies’ Tournament on Wednesday, the first time I’ve ever fought in someone’s honor. She gave me a special token to wear.

    My baronial unit inspired me. This was only the second year that Storvik fielded a rapier unit at Pennsic, but we were much better this year. Rochelle commanded, with Ilaria as her second. Even without those two in the 5-man melee, we fielded a 5-man team of all scholars, and though we lost all our fights, we improved substantially by the last round.

    The view from Mt. Eislinn by day is impressive, when you look east and see the mountains.

    I saw also the opening clash of the armored field battle on Friday. Amazing and terrifying.

  • Dante di Pietro

    I was really happy with how some of our first time champions looked, in victory or “defeat”.

    I was even happier to have a late night talk with some of them, along with some of the top level guys, about fight psychology. I don’t get to share what I’ve learned often enough.

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