Cloud Agreement

Centralize storage and agreement-finding as part of a comprehensive contract lifecycle management system. 8.4. Uncovered training. Your purchase and our training offer are subject to our training conditions, which constitute a separate agreement. 2.8. The customer agrees that, as part of this agreement, AVEVA will appoint third parties to transform personal data. AVEVA confirms that it has entered into a written agreement with the third-party processor, with conditions substantially similar to those of this data processing supplement. 1.2. “Customer personal data,” personal data downloaded from products or otherwise transmitted to AVEVA or its representatives in accordance with the delivery of products in accordance with a valid license or other agreement with the Customer.

Negotiate better deals, faster, with AI contract analysis. 2.7. AVEVA has entered into a comprehensive agreement regarding the Personal Data of the Customer processed as part of AVEVA`s performance of its obligations under this Agreement. These conditions are the whole agreement between you and us regarding cloud products and all other topics covered by these Terms and are on the page of all prior or simultaneous oral or written communications, suggestions and assurances between you and us regarding cloud products or any other topic covered by these conditions. No provision of an order or other activity form you use replaces or completes the terms of these conditions, and such a document, which relates to these conditions, serves only administrative purposes and has no legal value. 1.1. Definitions. The following coarse words used in this agreement have the following meanings, or otherwise, set out in this agreement: “Addenda” means two or more endorsements. “Addendum”: Cloud Services Addendum and Data Processing Addendum (if any).

“Affiliates,” any entity, any other entity controlled directly or indirectly, controlled by such an entity or under joint control with that entity. To avoid misunderstanding, “Affiliates” means for AVEVA any direct or indirect subsidiary of AVEVA Group plc. “Agreement” has the meaning defined in the preamble. “AVEVA” has the meaning defined in the preamble. “AVEVA Indemnitees” has the meaning defined in section 9.3 (Customer Compensation). “Confidential information” has the meaning defined in section 5.1 (Confidential Information). “Control” means, in the case of any business, direct or indirect possession of the power to direct or directly or indirectly criticize the management and policy of that company, whether through the ownership of securities (or other holdings) entitled to the right to vote, contractually or in some other way. “Customer” has the meaning defined in the preamble. “Customer content” refers to all software, data (including personal data), information, texts, images, audio, video, photos, non-AVEVA or third-party applications, as well as any other content and material in any format provided by the customer, a customer user or on behalf of the customer that is stored in the products or circulates on or through the products.

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