Poea Recruitment Agreement

Section 10. Effects of revocation/deristance. – the removal/removal of the complainant witness does not prevent the administration from conducting an investigation for injury to the hire. In this case, the administration acts as the results of the investigation are justified and imposes sanctions on the body deemed appropriate. relevant agreements, conventions, delegations or resolutions; After mutual written agreement of the parties to the termination of the contract; Applications for referral (RO) must be filed with the Docket and Enforcement Division (DED) of the Adjudication Office or, if necessary, the Regional Office. Section 19. Effects of suspension/revocation or revocation orders. – a suspension/cancellation or revocation has the effect of suspending or terminating all agency activities that fall within the definition of recruitment and mediation. The administration may seek assistance from other state institutions, agencies or offices to ensure that suspension or cancellation decisions are implemented. Section 2. Anti-clandestine recruitment programs.

– The administration adopts guidelines and procedures, prepares programs to eliminate illegal recruitment activities, such as. B Section 4. Complaints for illegal recruitment. – victims of illegal recruitment and related cases, as well as administrative or criminal offences, may file a report or complaint with the administration in writing and under oath. Basahin po ninyo ang link na ito or e-print para his inyong guide: www.poea.gov.ph/laws&rules/files/Revised%20POEA%20Rules%20And%20Regulations.pdf 6.2 To conclude all contracts with a person, company, institution or organization related to the recruitment and intermediation of Filipino HSWs requested by the order giver; Section 21: Refusal to renew licences. – licences of agencies that have not entered into a recruitment or staff agreement and/or meet minimum levels of employment and foreign exchange, or which do not meet the minimum requirements and requirements set by the administration, are not renewed. failure to report on hiring and employment abroad on time, as requested by the secretary or administration; B.

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