Shareasale Affiliate Agreement

You can apply to participate in the program by providing all the information needed regarding membership in company and by accepting the terms of this Agreement. Once you have received your application, we will check your website and inform you of your acceptance or refusal in our program. We reserve the right to accept or reject your request at our sole discretion; however, we advise you to contact us if you feel we have made a bad decision. Including all the sites you use in your profile will help us make a better decision. If your application is accepted, you may receive the membership discounts and commissions that are offered under this program until the contract is terminated. Your participation in the program begins with your acceptance as an affiliate by Sizzix and ends when it is completed by one of the parties. Any party may terminate this status at any time, with or without reason. After the expiry, all licenses granted to you under the program will be suspended and you will endeavour to immediately remove all codes and links, references from your website regarding Sizzix and to cease any use of promotional material, trademarks or trademarks or services, trade names or other items received or used by this program. Subject to Section 13, you have the right, for one reason or another, to collect commissions only for eligible purchases made prior to termination, subject to Section 13. Sizzix reserves the right to terminate the program at any time after notification.

Minimize risk with our selection of trademark protection tools to support and enforce your contractual terms. You`ll find detailed price information here: Hello, I`ve been shareasale for about 15 days and I`ve had nearly 200 clicks on the affiliate programs `Redshelf`, `Faithbox` and `Dayspring`. But I never had sales. Is this normal or am I overreacting? How many clicks would you expect before you receive a sale? ps. These clicks come from my Christian blog. To start as a reseller, there is a single network access fee of 550 $US. During the set-up, you would be required to make a minimum deposit of $100 to prefinance your account, to put on affiliate commissions, as well as our transaction fee will be deducted from this balance, Our transaction fee is 20% based on the amount of the commission. I started my own blog. I love your tips which definitely helps me make money through affiliate marketing. First, you want to get a reseller ID and account access here: Once this tab is opened, click on the affiliate agreement and you will be able to see the current agreement with affiliates.

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