Sponsorship Agreement Pharmaceutical

✔ name of the organizations involved (pharmaceutical companies, patient associations and third parties who are assisted) commercial assistance is any financial or in-kind contribution that is provided by a commercial interest to support the costs – in whole or in part – of a CME activity. A “commercial interest” is one of the establishments (for example. B pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers) that manufacture, market, resell or market health products or services that are consumed or used by patients. For more information, see ACCME standards for business support. The ABPI code details the relationships with patient organizations in Article 27 and the additional information related to them, including a checklist covering the minimum requirements for the written agreement required when a patient organization cooperates with a pharmaceutical company. The agreement must be certified in accordance with point 14.3. ✔ statement that all parties are fully aware that sponsorship must be clearly recognized and recognizable from the outset ✔ description of significant indirect/non-financial support (. For example, the donation of public relations or free training agencies) For any business offering commercial support, either a commercial support contract for direct sponsorship or a letter of commercial support agreement for the common supplier must be carried out and the activity must be sent to the CM office. ✔ type of activity (for example. B, unrestricted granting, meeting or publication, etc.) Businesses should keep in mind that business structures for people outside the business world can be complicated to move around. Patient association representatives may have very limited time or resources for administration, so it is really helpful that the company can provide a consistent one-stop shop and take the time to lead the way. ✔ corresponding tasks of the company and the patient organization.

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