Teslin Tlingit Self-Government Agreement

The Administration of Justice Agreement (AJA) recognizes the competence of the Teslin Tlingit Council in the administration of justice. Signed on February 21, 2011 by representatives of the Government of Canada, the Government of Yukon and the TTC, it is the first agreement of its kind to come into force in Canada. TTC at the head of Aboriginal self-government in the nation. [2] The General Council is the governmental authority acting on behalf of and for Teslin Tlingit Citizens, which reports to and guides all TTC governing bodies. In practice, the General Council is a forum where members promote government affairs for discussion, debate and deliberation, and generally pass laws by consensual agreement. It is the ultimate political decision-making body of the TTC, with exclusive power to legislate and regulate, amend the Constitution, approve the annual budget and appoint clan representatives to the executive council. The self-management agreement means that the TTC is becoming increasingly responsible in areas previously managed by the governments of Canada or Yukon. Under the agreement, TTC is able to negotiate the transfer of responsibility for the design, management and delivery of programs and services for which Canada will provide funding under financial services transfer agreements and programs. AJA means that some areas of the administration of justice are based on traditional Teslin Tlingit processes for resolving disputes. The agreement gives power to TTC, the concept of self-management for First Nations is promising since it is adopted by Canada and First Nations.

However, funding for self-management must be negotiated honourably to ensure that First Nations survive and prosper. To this end, the agreement contains a comprehensive list of subjects under which TTC takes legislative power and for which TTC is empowered to legislate in the following areas. However, the Tribunal found that promises of self-management are meaningless if they cannot be kept due to a lack of funding. Justice Veale wrote that the Teslin Tlingit Council was one of the first four Yukon Nations to sign a Focal Claims Agreement in 1992. Some of the goals of the Focal Claims Agreement were to provide the community with better education and health care and preserve traditions, said Sam Johnston, former TTC chief, who participated in the negotiations. . . .

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