What Famous Agreements Did Churchill Roosevelt And Stalin Come To At Yalta

In the late 1970s, Churchill and Foreign Minister Anthony Eden were also criticized when it became widely known that they had made a concession to Stalin that all former Soviet prisoners of war, including thousands of people who, for whatever reason, had switched sides and fought in German uniform, would be forcibly repatriated. But again, there were fears that if this was not agreed, the Russians could be very obstructive when it came to bringing back the Western prisoners of war that the Red Army had liberated. According to President Roosevelt, “If we try to escape the fact that we have put a little more emphasis on the Poles in Lublin than on the other two groups from which the new government is supposed to come, I believe we will expose ourselves to accusations that we are trying to go back to the Crimean decision.” Roosevelt recognized this in the words of Admiral William D. .

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