Gulf Wash XXV: The Spin Cycle – How was yours?


(And, yes, that’s the official title here at the Warfare)

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  • Gawin

    Overall, the storm, and specifically the cancellation of the town and ravine battles for rapier resulted in a fairly disappointing war for me. In my opinion, one of the key challenges that faces Calontir’s Steel program in order to achieve full acceptance within the kingdom is its participation in inter-kingdom wars. And, while the army that we fielded this year was several times larger than in previous years, only about half of the people who came to war and brought their equipment took the field. From what I can gather, the lack of melee experience at previous wars has left many of the Calontiri with a mild aversion to participating in rapier melees at war and I was hoping to help remedy that problem at Gulf Wars. So I can’t really help but look at Gulf Wars through the lens of what we *could* have achieved for the program.

    That being said, we fielded 9 fighters during the rapier field battles and of those, 2 fought with Northshield on our right flank and the other 7 fought together as Calontir’s army. We did have one of the cooler melee moments I think I’ve ever experienced during the first rapier field battle.

    Calontir was allied with Ansteorra along with Atlantia, Northshield, and the Outlands. Atlantia was placed on the left flank (up hill), Ansteorra in the middle, Northshield on the right (downhill), and Calontir was placed in between Ansteorra and Northshield in order to serve as a “hinge”. On the other side of the field, Meridies was their left flank (across from Northshield on our right), midrealm was placed next to them, spanning the rest of Northshield, all of Calontir, and part of Ansteorra. Trimaris was placed on their right flank (across from Atlantia) and the rest of their allies (East, and small numbers from other kingdoms) were placed betwen the Midrealm and Trimaris.

    Our plan was for Ansteorra to stand their ground in the middle of the line while Atlantia on our left and Northshield’s elite “Hell Hound” unit on our right pressed forward with the idea that one of those two units would succeed. Calontir was to serve as a hinge and/or press hard into the Midrealm if Northshield succeeded at breaking through.

    However, at lay-on, Wistric and his buddies from Meridies advanced quickly and pressed hard into Northshield’s Hell hounds (I don’t think they were expecting that), driving them back and threatening to roll up our right flank. So, in response, I ordered Calontir forward and, to my astonishment, my band of 7 relatively new fighters (they were very new to melee and I was the only one amongst them with any awards for fighting) successfully pushed into the center of the Midrealm line, folding it inwards on itself (Hey Wistric, the “step” command works!). This caused the formation of two salients in the Midrealm’s line, one to either side of Calontir (well, where Calontir had been. The other 6 fighters got killed making this happen) and these were quickly eliminated by Ansteorra on our left and the non-Hell Hound part of Northshield on our right. Around this time, Atlantia had successfully gone forward and turned RIGHT, and the last few fighters from the Midrealm and Meridies died quickly to overwhelming numbers.

    At the very least, those who fought in the field battle seemed to enjoy it and perhaps, those who had intended to take the field “later in the war” will be more mindful of the fickle nature of the weather.

  • Ruairc

    Gulfnado delayed Darkwood’s production times, and now my students’ daggers will be arriving a week later than anticipated. 2/5 stars.

  • Dante di Pietro

    I had a mostly good time. The ceremony you guys did was very cool. I skipped the planned stuff and mostly did impromptu lessons and sparring, which was more enjoyable, especially fencing other Masters who use historical styles. That won’t get old.

    The war point bits were kinda dull, as open field, non res things always are. The storm was awful and scary.

    The NOLA aquarium was fantastic. Bourbon Street was worse than the storm, minus the threat of injury.

    I had excellent traveling companions.

    The elevations were a major selling point.

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