Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 8: Field Awareness

Because if there’s one thing GI Joe taught us, it’s “Scarlet is hot.” If there’s a second thing GI Joe taught us, it’s “Knowing is half the battle.” […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 7: Après Melee

Melee is, in my experience, the second best way to spend an afternoon. And like the best thing, it’s recommended for all involved if you don’t just hop right up afterward and go play Nintendo. […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 6: Running the Flank

You decide that, rather than standing at long range trying to snipe hands, you have more important things to do. Things like, say, crushing team ABCDE. But how to do this? This is a great time to Run the Right. […]

WWW2 Addendum: Munching from the Right

Think back to all that crap I said about line fighting. Do you remember a theme running through it? Something about lungng, or, rather, not lunging? Yeah, well, there’s always an exception. […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare #5: Armament

A Philosophical Note

It’s worth noting to start that there is not universal agreement on the optimal armament for melee. There are entire kingdoms that believe you should get the longest sword you can find, get another just like it, and take those. The Middle Kingdom melee manual prescribes particular armaments for particular “positions” on […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare #4: Chain of Command

Any random fool can yell any thing he pleases on a battle field. It doesn’t make him right. […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare #3: Conditioning

Nothing, and I mean nothing, saps your energy like combat. […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare #2: Line Fighting

Let’s say my favorite method for attacking a line (run around behind it, DFB) is not an option. Whether you’re part of a larger army, or you have to hold a position, or just “stuff happened”, and you now are looking at the pointy ends of your enemy’s swords. Now what happens? […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare #1: Threat Assessment

(From the Archives)

As you may have heard, fencing is all about timing and measure. It is also a matter of knowing your own abilities, so that you can take advantage of any openings you generate through timing and measure. The same applies to melee: The timing of your attack and the distance and direction […]