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Priest Drill   3 comments

Priest Drill This is another one stolen from Walter Triplette. It can serve a couple of goals – training good lunge form (and the resulting ability to hit your target, also called “point control”); quick, tight disengages; fast and clean lunge-recovery; and passing attacks. It’s a fairly quick one to pick up, so both partners […]

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SEVEN YEARS!   Leave a comment

  The first posts (the justification of existence and Wistric’s Weekly Warfare #1) of the Warfare posted Jan 27th, 2009. Happy birthday you beautiful, beautiful beast! Current average post rate: 1.25/Week.

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Thoughts on my Elevation   4 comments

  Tibbie asked me to discuss my thoughts on my elevation (separate from the thoughts relating to peerage in general). I started writing this in November, when my mind was still very full. I’ve let it simmer for a while to see if things sort themselves out and if I can find better words, because […]

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The Awesome of Nov. 21st   5 comments

(Things I find when going back through the draft post folder) Baron/Duke Orlando Cavalcanti asked me to write up the details of my vigil and elevation for his historical records. The below is that write-up, with extra info. Later, maybe next week, I’ll have a post about my thoughts on the vigil and elevation that’s […]

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Journaling   17 comments

With almost every contributor and potential contributor to the Warfare I’ve urged them to maintain an active, visible journal of their practice so that others can observe and learn from their progress in learning the art, and those who’ve experienced the same challenges can provide feedback. Journaling and the detailed thought and reflection, and post-hoc […]

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Thoughts on peerages   3 comments

On “Ask the Masters of Defense” Tibbie asked: Members of the populace often have misconceptions about the established peerages and negative attitudes about peers in general. Do any of you Masters see the new Order as a chance to overcome negative perceptions of peerage? My slightly glib, but also accurate, response was: Geek Social Fallacy […]

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Drill of N Things   3 comments

The Drill of 5 Things has been expanded a wee bit of late so I figured I’d share it, in lieu of actually updating/modernizing/organizing the drills pages on this site. As with the drill of N things, this is stolen from Walter Triplette. It’s the first lesson he runs students through. There are some parts […]

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The New-ish Justification for Existence   9 comments

First, a note: If you submit a comment and it does not post, please email me at otownes AT gmail DOT com and let me know. About the blog:  This blog began as a series of e-mails to help train my local SCA rapier practice in melee. In 2008 I decided to start maintaining it as […]

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Announcement of the Vigil, Prize, and Elevation of Wistric Oftun to the Order of Defense   2 comments

Be it known to all to whom these words come: Their Majesties of Meridies, King Wulfstan and Queen Thorkatla, on the the 10th day of October, 2015, at their Coronation, charged Lord Wistric Oftun with a writ to join the Order of Defense. Therefore, on the evening of the 20th day of November, 2015, at […]

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Thoughts on running authorizations   16 comments

(In which Wistric opens up a whole bag of philosophy, opinion, and tradition, tapping into primal desires to “not be skewered like a pig”, begging for vehement discussion.  Will you enable?  Remember: “Probably grossly erroneous” is part of our editorial policy) As an RMiC I like to keep to a schedule as much as possible […]

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