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Musings: Fencing Blind (drunk)   3 comments

Or, “the silver lining in the porcelain throne” (Yes, Guenievre, you should probably look away now) A bit too much fun with EtOH has left Caelia feeling somewhat under the weather (and the Jameson’s, and the Murphy’s).  She says she’ll try to show up to practice tonight (which is good, considering there are only three […]

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Newbie Question of the Week   4 comments

We haven’t had one of these in weeks and weeks, mostly because Wistric has already taught me everything I need to know about fencing and I understand it all perfectly, so there’s no need for any more questions. He did ask me to post about my experience at War of the Wings, however, claiming that […]

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War of the Wings 2009   Leave a comment

Saturday, Oct 10th, the armies of Atlantia met at Elkinburg Castle to once more settle some dispute between some guy and some other guy over something or other.  Really, after the first year, when one of the guys was my Baron, I didn’t pay too much attention.  Okay, that’s a lie, but paid attention only […]

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Other Peoples’ Ideas: Alejandro’s advice to his fencers   Leave a comment

Baron Alejandro’s advice to his strip fencing students et al. Many of you have heard me espouse the maxim, “No dead weight on the strip.” What I mean by this is that there is no reason at all to carry anything onto the strip that you don’t need. The majority of the time that I […]

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Wistrics Weekly Warfare 31: Crossing Over Part II – Every Man wants a Three Way   1 comment

(Still no John Edward) So far, given the rapier-centric nature of this blog, I’ve focused on the means and motives for rapier fighters to pick up spear or polearm or sword-and-board and violate the beer rule all over our armored enemies (armored fighters, for some reason, tend to appreciate receiving a good beating more than […]

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Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 30: Crossing Over (without John Edward) Part I   Leave a comment

First, I’d like to start today off with a great big “Hi Mom, I love you!” to the woman who named me after the progenitor of the Tudor dynasty and raised me with a great love of history, and who let me read detective novels over her shoulder, thereby teaching me all of the words […]

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