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“We’ll only stick the tip in”, now with Shark’s Teeth   5 comments

The Kappellenberg 5-man team, of Baron Girard, Gawin, Tessin, Jaume, and Ruarik, were awarded Shark’s Teeth as one of the last pieces of court business of Their Atlantian Majesties Michael and Seonaid on Saturday. Of course, not all of the team was at the event. Those that weren’t can arrange with those that were for […]

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Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 37: Rule 1 redux   1 comment

As was hinted at in the discussion of the Pennsic Town Battle review, Rule 1 needs some caveats and corollaries.  Highly (pathologically?) observant readers will have noticed that, actually, Rule 1 was updated a few weeks back.  Now, “Don’t die” is no longer a hard and fast rule.  It has some considerations included for the […]

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Atlantia 30 Year: Pretty darn good   6 comments

So, August 20th, Dante posts this: Funny?  Yes. Especially since he, at least, knew this was going to happen on Saturday: (Image by Llwyd Aldred) So… yeah, it was a good weekend. My foot there, with the flame duct-tape?  That’s Das Boot.  They still made me fight my prize, and I think I acquitted myself […]

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Pennsic XL Part 6: 51 weeks to heal   1 comment

Friday morning I rolled out of bed (by the way, this was the first year we didn’t sleep on an air mattress, but instead had a real bedframe and futon mattress. It is so much more comfortable and our sleep was deeper and more restorative than it’s ever been), picked up my phone, and sent […]

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