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(Not so) Newbie Question of the Week: Multiple target tracking   6 comments

To Paraphrase Q. Caelia Laeta (mka Dreya): “I can handle two-on-two situations pretty well, but in three-on-threes, when you have twice as much to focus on, it gets much more confusing and I don’t know where to focus.  Thoughts?”

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Event: Summer War   1 comment

Miguel and I trucked up to Caer Maer Saturday morning to fight in Summer War, and I am today exhausted and well bruised. This was the friendly skirmish between Windmasters and CM, and it was a little sad to be the only two WH fencers there, and only a half dozen WH armored fighters showed.  […]

Posted July 7, 2009 by wistric in Events

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 25: Town Battles   3 comments

 As I’ve mentioned, there is no greater rush on the melee field than the first clash in the woods.  But given my druthers, I’d rather fight a town battle.  While a woods battle is chock full of visceral rushes, no setting is more rewarding to a practiced melee fighter than a town battle.  Here, your […]

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