Gulf Wash XXV: Spin Cycle – Wistric’s Thursday, the Day of Days


Thursday morning was set aside for order meetings (where I discovered the best way to do an order meeting is standing in the back, drinking mimosas, banned by law from voting) and for the champions duels.

I watched for a while, hang out and chatted, and then wandered back to camp to get ready […]

Gulf Wash XXV: Spin Cycle – Wistric’s Wednesday

Armored Ravine Battle

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling like I’d spent about three hours in the sun in heavy armor the day before. Because I did. In other words, I wanted nothing more from life except to drink coffee and eat bacon and watch everybody else go off to fight. Then I armored up […]

Gulf Wash XXV: Spin Cycle – Wistric’s Tuesday

This year saw Wistric’s return to Gulf Wars, and perhaps the gods were unhappy about that. Really, though, I think the gods just think there are too many MODs: Damiano (Glean Abhann) and David (Meridies) got postponed due to the weather (more on that later) and Caitilin nearly did.

Having finally managed to Iron Man […]

Gulf Wash XXV: The Spin Cycle – How was yours?


(And, yes, that’s the official title here at the Warfare)

Winter War Maneuvers

It has been a long time since we posted anything about melee, so for a change of pace, I thought I’d provide a recap of a melee training that I ran recently. I was not initially planning on attending the event (5 hour drives are the new normal for event travel, but it’s a bit […]

The Awesome of Nov. 21st

(Things I find when going back through the draft post folder)

Baron/Duke Orlando Cavalcanti asked me to write up the details of my vigil and elevation for his historical records. The below is that write-up, with extra info. Later, maybe next week, I’ll have a post about my thoughts on the vigil […]

Cherish your old sites, but not too much

(Because fighting can’t happen without a place to do it)

The SCA is running into an increasingly more common situation. The basics of it are that our expectations for event site costs have not kept up with the reality of event site costs, which has kept event cost inflation artificially low, and we’re approaching a […]

Wistric’s Pennsic AAR


The warpoint plan was that rapier and heavy would fight the same scenarios (mostly) on the same day, which held promise of the back-to-back woods battles, one of the best endurance tests I’ve ever encountered. Monday was the day for field battles!


The Queen’s Spears rallied up, 8-10 in number. Duke […]

King’s Assessment, 2014

Ibrahim, Gaiwn, and myself squeezed into Gawin’s hatchback and drove out to rural Virginia. At one point we stalled out on a gravel mountain road and had to push. It was that kind of day.

The Site

Chantilly Festival Farm only opened a little over a year ago, and the place is beautiful – 90 […]

Gulf Wars 2014, Part 3: Wherein Ruairc Forgets to Parry, and Then Forgets A Few Other Things


There was an Everyman tourney, open to all non-WS. I fought single sword in accordance with my training, per Fabris (which got some compliments. That’s always nice). A number of my opponents did not.

My strategy was, generally, “keep their sword covered, stay at measure, and wait until their secondary is out of […]