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This Week in German HMA – September 10th to September 16th   Leave a comment

Five more to go, I wonder if we can squeeze them out in one week.  Then we can move on to tree branches! In the meantime, definitely time to get on those metal simulators… Mair’s Sickle fight 12: Incisio supera contra eam qua latus impetitur  – Pay no attention to the deviation from the system, […]

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Question from the Audience: Competitiveness   16 comments

To the main point: would you be willing to start a discussion topic on the pitfalls of excessive competitiveness? I admire your self-awareness of your problems with pride and anger, as mentioned in prior postings. It sounds like you had a really bad reaction to the rules of the rapier battle. I admire your wisdom […]

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Pennsic XLI: Epilogue   5 comments

Well then, Atlantia finally got our Atlantia/Aethelmarc vs. East/Mid war.  We could have done better with it, I’m slightly annoyed that we turned away a few ally requests with “Wait until the war and let’s balance out the sides.”  The sides weren’t balanced, and we were still screwed out of some strong allies.  But it’s […]

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Pennsic XLI: Part 5 – Big morning woods   Leave a comment

Really, if you’ve got any idea of my mental age by now, that title should not surprise.  And as it might suggest, the next morning (that would be Friday for those of you following along at home) brought a woods battle.  Though not, technically, so big as the Armored Woods Battle.  As with last year, […]

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Pennsic XLI: Part 4 – In which Wistric finds very little to complain about, really   4 comments

As was the way of things (and a great way it was), the morning on Thursday was devoted to the rapier warpoint battle: The field battle. It was a good set up: say lay-on, and then it’s last man standing, best of five.  These are the things the way they should be. For this one, […]

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Pennsic XLI: Part 3 – Champs fight   3 comments

Since the champions had been rained out on Sunday, it was rescheduled for Wednesday after the 5 Man Tournament (y’all can all chime in on that, but congrats to the Kappellenfechters on making it to the quarters, again, with a team full of blue scarves!) Before I talk about mine, I want to give mad […]

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Pennsic XLI: Part 2 – More battles, and more important things   3 comments

Tuesday morning rolled around and brought with it the promise of the Flag Battle for Rapier (seriously, WTF is a “Flag Battle”?  One does not battle on or in a flag like on does in a Field, Town, Bridge, Ravine, or Woods Battle) and the Bridge Battle for Armored. Rapier Flag Battle It turns out […]

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