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Gulf Wars 2014, Part 3: Wherein Ruairc Forgets to Parry, and Then Forgets A Few Other Things   11 comments

Thursday There was an Everyman tourney, open to all non-WS. I fought single sword in accordance with my training, per Fabris (which got some compliments. That’s always nice). A number of my opponents did not. My strategy was, generally, “keep their sword covered, stay at measure, and wait until their secondary is out of position […]

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Gulf Wars 2014, Part 2: Wherein Ruairc Grouses About Melee   Leave a comment

Wednesday As it happened, all of the melee was on Wednesday. Field Battle – your usual no-rez, no-cover brouhaha. Atlantia was deployed with the Trimarian Pony Lords (yes, seriously) on the right flank. We were stacked there, in numbers and skill; the idea was to smash through and roll them. At lay-on, we charged in […]

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Gulf Wars 2014, Part 1: Wherein Ruairc Dissembles   Leave a comment

Attendance was a good 30 or so of the cream of Atlantian fencing. I think I had more fun, in the aggregate, than I did at either Pennsic XL or XLI. It’s a nice atmosphere. People don’t take it so seriously. But you, gentle reader, didn’t come here to read about the ambiance … Sunday […]

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Weekly Warfare Fitness – 2 – Fueling your fighting   Leave a comment

Ed: This week brings the second part of Iskender Bey’s series on fitness and conditioning for fencing. There are a number of factors which will affect your performance in the Society’s martial endeavors. Some of these aren’t in your control – the terrain and its condition, the condition of your opponent(s) & their weapons, etc. […]

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Symptoms and causes of common technical issues   3 comments

Ruairc suggested a sort of cheat-sheet for fixing common problems fencers encounter.  Wistric found hisself unable to sleep, awake at 5am, and two or three soporific beverages into his attempt to achieve sleep, when he decided he would provide said cheat-sheet.  Here you go…   I have bad point control You have bad form My […]

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The Scarfhunter Challenge: I Wish I Had This When I Was New   13 comments

I recently unveiled an idea that I, and several others, had bounced around for a few weeks: The Scarfhunter Challenge. Right now this is a uniquely Atlantian thing, but could easily be adapted to fit any other kingdom. The short version is that we’ve made a website to track performance. When you sign up, you’ll […]

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