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First Giganti Redux 7: Cavazione   2 comments

There are three actions that are the basic elements of the Italian Rapier decision tree: Gaining the blade, lunging, and performing a cavazione.  Really, the majority of actions in Italian Rapier are going to boil down to one of these things.  Gaining the blade and lunges have already been discussed, so it’s probably a good […]

Posted January 22, 2015 by Wistric in Giganti, Italian Rapier

Cherish your old sites, but not too much   3 comments

(Because fighting can’t happen without a place to do it) The SCA is running into an increasingly more common situation.  The basics of it are that our expectations for event site costs have not kept up with the reality of event site costs, which has kept event cost inflation artificially low, and we’re approaching a […]

Posted January 20, 2015 by Wistric in Events, Musings

The Art of Ringcraft   4 comments

Ringcraft is a term that originated in the boxing world to describe, amongst other things, the use of positioning within the ring to create advantageous situations. Camillo Agrippa makes mention of this indirectly when he describes techniques for fighting when pressed up against the edge of a list fence, where contact with said fence was […]

Posted January 13, 2015 by Dante di Pietro in Musings