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Five Minute Lessons: Teaching at Events   2 comments

Motivation: Last April, I moved to Calontir, a land where, up until just a few years ago, there was no fencing. Calontir’s Steel program (as opposed to rattan) is somewhat unique in the Known World, as it is cut & thrust default. However, because the program is relatively new, most of the fighters are also […]

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H(E)MA: A Primer   11 comments

Tibbie mentioned here that the Warfare seems to be on a bit of a historic-martial-art binge as of late, and asked to know a little more about HEMA groups, what they do, and how they operate. I’ve been working on some schemes to get HMA guys to come play SCA, but it never occurred to […]

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Thoughts on peerages   3 comments

On “Ask the Masters of Defense” Tibbie asked: Members of the populace often have misconceptions about the established peerages and negative attitudes about peers in general. Do any of you Masters see the new Order as a chance to overcome negative perceptions of peerage? My slightly glib, but also accurate, response was: Geek Social Fallacy […]

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Drill of N Things   3 comments

The Drill of 5 Things has been expanded a wee bit of late so I figured I’d share it, in lieu of actually updating/modernizing/organizing the drills pages on this site. As with the drill of N things, this is stolen from Walter Triplette. It’s the first lesson he runs students through. There are some parts […]

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Walk Like an Agrippan: Part 4 – Stance and Footwork   5 comments

The previous 3 sections (1, 2, 3) of this series on Agrippa have focused on dissecting the framework of the stances and motions found in Agrippa’s fencing manual. Starting with these may have seemed an odd choice, as typically one introduces a fencing system by describing how to perform the basics. However, in my opinion, determining how […]

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