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Safe running   3 comments

More of just a brain burp today: The discussion of the relative safety of running came up and it caused some thoughts to actually bother struggling out of the swamp water that passes for my gray matter. I can’t say I speak as an unbiased voice.  I love running.  I love running through the woods.  […]

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Tourney of Friends   7 comments

We had our baronial spring event this weekend, which was melee-centric, and therefore more than deserving of discussion here.  Something about a theme to this blog matching up with, you know, rapier melees.  But first, practice! Thursday Thursday was the first time I’d picked up a sword in two weeks.  Goddamn work.  Damn it to […]

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In lieu of a real post…   Leave a comment

Project just locked today, so maybe I’ll have a brain cell or two free next week.  Until then, make sure you have a good backup plan:

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Journal 4/5/2010   Leave a comment

Last week’s fencing update… There was none.  Work sat on me Tuesday and Thursday.  And instead of going to Coronation and fighting on Saturday, I worked 9 hours.  I am so done with this job.  Better luck this week. Yesterday Sweetums dragged me to a TRX class.  Today I feel the good kind of sore.

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Night on the Town 2010   24 comments

Saturday saw the return of one of my favorite events.  Last year it was cancelled, the year before that was a nearly pointless slug-fest in the rain, but the year before that was frickin’ awesome, and so, too, did this year set out to be awesome, with a single phrase: full day of woods melee.  […]

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