Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 38: Melee Contratempi

About a year ago I asked a throwaway question in a discussion among the Atlantian Rapier Army’s eager beavers: Can you attack into tempo on the melee field? I admit, at the time, it was a lot of Wistric saying “Hey, look how insightful I can be!” (and, let’s face it, this blog is all […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 37: Rule 1 redux

As was hinted at in the discussion of the Pennsic Town Battle review, Rule 1 needs some caveats and corollaries. Highly (pathologically?) observant readers will have noticed that, actually, Rule 1 was updated a few weeks back. Now, “Don’t die” is no longer a hard and fast rule. It has some considerations included for the […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 36: Charging, revisited

Back almost two years ago, I held forth in one of these on the topic of charging. I feel it’s worth a revisit. Possibly, my exterior has become more leathern, possibly, I’ve just learned how better to control my opponents, or, I don’t know, grew a pair and toughened up, but I’m starting to think […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 35: Moving Forward

First of all: No, this is not a “Future of the Blog” post. Yeebus no. Instead, this is about, well… Moving forward. As an army. Together, and whatnot, without dying terribly.

The Step Command

The standard approach to moving a line forward against resistance has been the step command. At the command “Prepare” the line […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 34: Calibration

War of the Wings flowed so smoothly (please disregard any apparent grousing on my part which may be interpreted otherwise) that I, as RMiC, had damned little paperwork to do. No marshal’s courts needed, no blade breaks, no inappropriate behavior, no thrown masks, just a long day of killing.

All of which makes the two […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 33: How to get in to the backfield

Dusting off the old WWW title and taking it for a spin to write down some thoughts on getting in to the backfield of the enemy.

There are a few basic skills that are absolutely necessary for this to be successful. But, like EB White, I’ll get to that thesis sentence at the end of […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 32: Melee Training Cheat Sheet

Yes, something actually melee related. On Saturday, the Canton of Attillium hosted a war practice, and His Excellency, Letia, Miguel (taking a weekend off from his studies in the great university city of Asheville), and I trucked down to the site for Tournoi d’Amity Island to work melee (His Ex with the armored fighters, me […]

Wistrics Weekly Warfare 31: Crossing Over Part II – Every Man wants a Three Way

(Still no John Edward)

So far, given the rapier-centric nature of this blog, I’ve focused on the means and motives for rapier fighters to pick up spear or polearm or sword-and-board and violate the beer rule all over our armored enemies (armored fighters, for some reason, tend to appreciate receiving a good beating more than […]

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 30: Crossing Over (without John Edward) Part I

First, I’d like to start today off with a great big “Hi Mom, I love you!” to the woman who named me after the progenitor of the Tudor dynasty and raised me with a great love of history, and who let me read detective novels over her shoulder, thereby teaching me all of the words […]

Wistrics Weekly Warfare 29: Melee Math

In 5-on-5 melees, a certain threshold is reached where the group of fighters actually becomes a unit. This is important because, even should one of the 5 die, the other four have a decent chance of surviving as they still have enough manpower to shift resources and create temporary numerical superiority while delaying their opponents’ […]