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Other People’s Stuff: The Zeugbuch (arsenal) of Emperor Maximilian   1 comment

So very, very pretty: A catalog of the armaments in Emperor Maximilian I’s arsenal I wish I could read German

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Question for the Readers: The Arms Race   11 comments

Since I won’t be fencing this week, thereby depriving me of anything to talk about, I thought I would just stay silent.  But then I realized that was just not gonna happen.  So I have a couple of questions for the readership, and would especially love to hear from non-Atlantians: 1) What is the median* […]

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Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 34: Calibration   5 comments

War of the Wings flowed so smoothly (please disregard any apparent grousing on my part which may be interpreted otherwise) that I, as RMiC, had damned little paperwork to do.  No marshal’s courts needed, no blade breaks, no inappropriate behavior, no thrown masks, just a long day of killing. All of which makes the two […]

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Giganti 16: Parrying Cuts and Delivering Thrusts   Leave a comment

My sense of Giganti in these chapters is basically that he’s saying “That stuff you can do without a dagger, you can do with a dagger”.  He’s laid out his system with single sword, and the addition of a dagger changes the tools but not the principles.  I’m curious as to whether or not the […]

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War of the Wings V: Make War, not Love – Game On   Leave a comment

The First Victim Was the schedule.  Friday evening at site Roz said “Oh by the way, their Majesties will be making Raphael a Provost tomorrow and want to have his prize before the Woods Battle.”  My initial reaction was along the lines of “CRAP!”  But, on the other hand, for my friend Raphael to be […]

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War of the Wings V: Making War, not Love – Pre-gaming   1 comment

After War of the Wings IV, or, rather, AT War of the Wings IV, somewhere between the fighting and the drunkeness during court, I offered to be RMiC for War of the Wings V.  Raphael, as Rapier Guru of Sacred Stone, is usually responsible for finding this victim, and so I let him know he […]

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Inter-kingdom Anthropology: Drachenwald   4 comments

Last week I was, unfortunately, over the Atlantic in business class instead of at Thursday rapier practice, and was in Stockholm instead of at the event on Saturday, but rather than weep over my lost opportunities to stab friends, I decided to go make new friends and stab them.  So, Saturday morning I ventured forth […]

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Other Peoples’ Stuff: Pushing Back Against the Doomsayers   Leave a comment

Sir Corby has a post up about how the UVa practice got to where it is today.  Worth a read, especially in the local light of “how are we going to get a presence on campus”

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