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Giganti Second XII: Giganti’s Third Books   9 comments

At the end of Giganti’s first book, he mentions that, God willing, he will one day produce a second book where he would explore more fully the use of the dagger, buckler, targa, rotella, and cloak.  At the end of my first pass through his first book, I planned to make at least one post […]

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Second Giganti XI: Dagger Fighting   Leave a comment

Giganti prefaces the dagger section by pointing out more men are killed with daggers than with swords.  He then promises a third book on fighting with dagger alone against “a variety of weapons.”  Maybe that one’s also in the Wallace collection. His basic approach strongly echoes his rapier fighting: When they attack, push their dagger […]

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Wistric’s Pennsic AAR   4 comments

MONDAY The warpoint plan was that rapier and heavy would fight the same scenarios (mostly) on the same day, which held promise of the back-to-back woods battles, one of the best endurance tests I’ve ever encountered.  Monday was the day for field battles! HEAVY FIELD BATTLE The Queen’s Spears rallied up, 8-10 in number.  Duke […]

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Weekly Warfare – 5 – How to Fight Forever   Leave a comment

Ed. This week Iskender discusses how to live forever, or at least the best approximation you can get.   Once, I knew a gentleman in Falcon Cree named Monsieur Jacques Abaran. Monsieur Abaran was the fifteenth White Scarf in the Academie d’Espee. He was not a garrulous man. Rather, he possessed a quiet, humble dignity. […]

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My Least Favorite Question   1 comment

” So how many kills did you get in the Warpoint? ”   I hate this question. Look, I understand why you’re asking it, I’ve got an anthropologist on standby who’s literally working on a documentary about it, the bonding and bragging and no really, I get it. But I hate this question. Because I’m […]

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