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Defending the Gate 2011   4 comments

It is a rare treat that one has an event run entirely for their benefit.  Rare, but not unknown.  Defending the Gate was that unicorn of events.  To quote Dante (the RMiC) in his announcement: “I’m running melees, and my goal for the day in that regard is to make Wistric say he’s had too […]

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Other People’s Stuff: Don Ceallach’s Drills   7 comments

Hanging out after the champions fight at Gulf Wars, Letia and I saw two fencers doing drills together to prepare one for his champions fight.   We watched until they noticed us, then they kindly explained what they were doing, and a couple of other drills they have in their repertoire. Slap Hands/Lunge The first was […]

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Journal, 3/21   1 comment

Here we come, screaming down off the high of Gulf Wars, and launching full bore into “Pennsic Prep.”  Because 5 months is not enough for those of us about to Iron Man Pennsic (EVERY war point, except maybe if the 5-man is opposite a heavy fight).  Cardio.  Fo shizzo. Tuesday Because I’ve been rusty, and […]

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Gulf Wars XX Part 4   1 comment

Friday – The Rose Every opportunity I have had, I have taken to make this apology, and I will do so here as well: Duchess Padraigin, I am deeply, deeply sorry and mortified at my mistake. To explain to the audience: I had asked Her Grace if I might serve as her representative in the […]

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Gulf Wars XX Part 3   1 comment

After the battles on Wednesday, I yet again got good and properly ethylated in the company of the Atlantian Rapier Army and the Four Free Scholars of the Apocraphypse (though, Letia, having firmly established the one-drink-per-two-hours rule the day before, abstained), and went to bed glad that we had nothing at all to do the […]

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Gulf Wars XX Part 2   1 comment

Wednesday – After the sun rose – Field Battle We headed to the field for the start of the day, and en route passed Glynn Meara, where camps what can best be described as The Powers That Be of the East, Atlantia, and Trimaris. To provide a quick bit of context: The rough plan for […]

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Gulf Wars XX Part 1   Leave a comment

Well, damn, that was some war… Sunday – The Battle of I-59 Letia and I trucked over to Raph’s house on Saturday night, where we promptly fell asleep on his couch, so that we could wake up, minus an hour’s sleep thanks to the vagaries of Daylight Saving Time, too bright and damn early to […]

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Gulf Wars   2 comments

How’d Gulf Wars go?  Well… More later.

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Spring Assessment of the Army 2011   Leave a comment

Gulf Wars looms large, and so Atlantia (or, at least, 10 members of its rapier army) gathered to train at the Elkinburg Castle on Saturday. First: what a miserable damn day to fight.  If the weather had been any worse, if just one more drop had fallen, we’d probably have canceled the entire thing.  It […]

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Please stand by…   Leave a comment

Just got back from Gulf Wars, have a writeup of an event pre-Gulf Wars to finish up, and then the Gulf Wars writeups to do, and three or four topics for actual Weekly Warfare-type discussion. So, check this space in the near future (say, next two days)

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