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How to Watch a Fight   7 comments

Thanks to Dame Roz, videos of fighting from Midnight at the Oasis are available on her blog. I’ve been puzzling over a bit of instruction (recall that this was, originally, supposed to be a vaguely instructional blog targeted at my students, for whatever limping mutant it’s since become) on the topic of how to observe […]

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Giganti 17: Guards (don’t tell anybody)   4 comments

So having said, er, rather a few times that Giganti doesn’t actually bother going into specific guards but instead lays out the qualities of a good guard and lets you smart boys figure it out for yourself (a hint: If you’re dead, it was not a good guard), it’s now time to admit that Giganti […]

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Journal, 11/15   1 comment

The Wistric household contains many Thanskgiving traditions.  Wistric’s family comes to visit, Wistric makes chocolate pie, She Who Must Be Obeyed makes Wistric’s favorite stuffing, Mother of Wistric makes the traditional Wistric Family Rolls, and all stuff their faces until thoroughly sated, then sit around on Friday wishing that Wistric didn’t live right next to […]

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Holiday Faire, or rather, No Holiday Faire   1 comment

Despite my desires, I could not make it to Holiday Faire this year.  Quel domage, I was looking forward to rolling up there and kicking ass in at least one tournament (“Single Sword” hell yes!).  But talking with Dante just before the event (hooray technology) did remind me about how I was fighting a year […]

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Journal, 11/8   Leave a comment

Thursday dawned bright and early, somewheres around sunrise, and it was a day for killin’.  Of course, thanks to the vagaries of axial tilt, orbital period, and the cessation of daylight savings time, it was long after sunrise that the killin’ started.  It was, in fact, after sunset.  “Dark” is a good estimate.  All of […]

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Other People’s Stuff: Walter’s Rules   1 comment

Rufus Piggeboye (mka Walter Triplette) has a blackboard in his salle, whereupon has been write Walter’s Rules.  I will not be trying to develop Wistric’s Rules of One-on-one any time soon, because Walter has done the job far more thoroughly and clearly than I ever could.  Something about being a professional fencing coach and vendor […]

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Musings: An Unpleasant Realization   3 comments

It’s damnably strange to say this here of all places, but melee has lost a lot of its charm for me.  I really can’t say I missed fighting at WotW, and at practice I find I’d much rather work on my tourney game than on melee. Maybe I’ve just been off the wagon for too […]

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Journal, 10/25   4 comments

After a week off the previous, this week was just a bit of reminding my legs what they’re supposed to do.  Next Thursday (11/4) is also an off-week for me since work has me traveling.  All of which means basically four weeks of treading water.  Though, Elkin Fight Club approaches (11/14) which is always good […]

Posted November 2, 2010 by wistric in Journal