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Pennsic XLI: Part 1 – Towns and Battles, though not necessarily together   4 comments

I guess, since August’s not out yet, I can still sneak in a write-up on Pennsic.  ‘cause why not?  I’m still Editor in Chief around these parts.  Also, there hasn’t been a good top-to-bottom post mortem yet. As has been mentioned before, this was finally the war of the East/Mid (plus allies) vs. Atlantia/Aethelmarc (plus […]

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Pennsic 2012: What inspired you?   7 comments

We’ve had a “bad things that happened at Pennsic” discussion.  Let’s also talk about the good.  So here’s a question that Master Eldrid put to me: What did you see at Pennsic that inspired you?

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This Week in German HMA – August 20th to August 26th   Leave a comment

Spinning back up here at the Warfare as Pennsic slowly starts to wear off and the work backlog thins to a manageable level. Speaking of Pennsic, this happened at the A&S display:   And have I mentioned my plans for a new sickle simulator? Mair’s Sickle fight 9: Alius habitus praecendentis formae – Which provides […]

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Monday Morning Quarterbacking   20 comments

If it were up to you, what strategies would you have employed in order to overcome our opponents’ numerical advantage in the Pennsic battles last week? (Namely the flag, field, and woods battles)

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