Mair’s Sickle fight 16: Modus Per Quem Adversario Sol Comostratur Ex Habitu Eius Surrigendi   Leave a comment

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Agente on the Right, in counter-response of throat grab

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Agente on the Right, in counter-response of throat grab

Translation by Rachel Barkley

A manner by which the adversary meets the sun from his position by means of being lifted[1]

Rightly like an athlete you will want to use this form. You turning toward the enemy will place the right foot, you should hold the sickle in the right hand against the enemy in the downward position of incision, the left hip should be positioned to the left, from this point thusly you should proceed left, and you will apply the sickle to his right arm by ploughing up.

If he uses the same middle incision against you at the same time fixing forward the left foot, you should repel his blow in the middle of the sickle against your right flank.

But if you are repelled from the enemy by this same reasoning, you will apply the left hand to his outer right elbow, and thence you should remove him to your right side.

But if he in turn has removed you, then you should direct your sickle around his limbs from his right side in the form of incision.

Otherwise when the enemy is attempting the same against you, with the sickle having been cast aside, you should grab the right side of his head with your right hand, your left hand against the left side of his head, and from here you should turn his face upwards against the sun, and at the same you should be able to fell him against your left side[2].


[1] Comostratur is unclear.  The title might as well be “When All Else Fails, Do This”

[2] Trans. note:   Because at that point, fuck all.


Interpretation by Owen Townes


Right foot forward
Sickle in Middle Guard

Left foot forward
Sickle in low guard


Pass forward with Left foot
Plough up Right arm

Block to Right with sickle[1]

Left hand to Right elbow
Deflect to Right side

Offside to arms/torso

Drop sickle
Grab Patiente’s head and twist back and to your left side [2]



[1] A downward pointing sickle works best here

[2] Be gentle.  This is one of those dangerous points in sparring, with your partner unbalanced, neck twisted, and a lot of weight resting on your hands holding their head

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