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Fencing Journal: 11/23   9 comments

I’ve been trying to keep a journal of my notes on my fencing from practice and events, but haven’t been doing a particularly good job of it (last entry was a month ago, where I wrote “If I do not move my feet I will die” five times.  That actually helped).  So I’m going to […]

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Holiday Faire   Leave a comment

[copied from the LJ, and augmented with additional material] The Night Before Friday night I got away from work at 3, hoping to hit the road and drive up to the Bro-and-Sis-in-Law’s house and get there by 8, enabling rest, food, and an easy half-hour drive to Holiday Faire. Unfortunately, the deliverable I’d expected to […]

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Musing: 5 Great Leaps   1 comment

In a discussion with fellow combatants, I made the statement that there were five big leaps fencers make, with the qualifier that the five leaps was a number pulled entirely out of my ass.  But, on further consideration, I would say it’s a pretty accurate count of the leaps in form to go from rank […]

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Tourney of the Lily   1 comment

The heavies, led by Kevin of Thornbury, took last Saturday to hold a Pas d’Armes, after the 15th Century manner.  Her Excellency being a great fan of a Pas, she decided she wanted to go and make Girard fight for her.  Then she decided she didn’t want to go alone.  So she arranged for some […]

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Buckston Demo and KBerg Class   Leave a comment

On Friday, Jaume, Joe, Giovan, and I went over to the Buckston-on-Eno demo at the Durham Academy.  I like demos.  While I don’t really want to turn into the two choreographed guys down at the Ren Faire, I like the chance to add a bit of showmanship.  At events that’s just not reasonable, because it’s […]

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