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Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 32: Melee Training Cheat Sheet   6 comments

Yes, something actually melee related.  On Saturday, the Canton of Attillium hosted a war practice, and His Excellency, Letia, Miguel (taking a weekend off from his studies in the great university city of Asheville), and I trucked down to the site for Tournoi d’Amity Island to work melee (His Ex with the armored fighters, me […]

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Tournament of Ymir   22 comments

Rather than working up to it, I’ll just start off by saying I am cranky about my Ymir.  I am disappointed in myself, really, and it has made me mopey for the past two days.  We’ll see if I can’t kick that funk on Tuesday.  Anyway, needed to get that out so I didn’t dwell […]

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Journal 2/8/10   7 comments

There’s a real post kicking around somewhere in the back of my mind, but it may not make it out this month.  We’ll see. Meanwhile, yet another motto for me, from Caelia: “Everybody knows you’d fight on a  flaming garbage heap in a hailstorm”  (This goes along with the official motto “Poena stultus corpore digrediens […]

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Fencing Journal 2/1/2010   1 comment

There was no practice Tuesday.  It was kinda, like, snow-covered.  Still.  And soaking wet.  And cold.  Good times. State of the Union February 2nd being my 29th birthday, I decided to start a tradition and go get a physical.  It’d only been… half a lifetime or so since my last one.  Along with all the […]

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Thoughts on Teaching (and Learning) Pt. 2   7 comments

Greetings, gentles, Dreya/Caelia here again. Thanks for returning for the second installment on teaching and learning. Last week I proposed some ideas on how to go about approaching brand-new fencers with an emphasis on creating a comfortable space for those who may be feeling particularly self-conscious or unsure (sadly, this tends to be new female […]

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