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Fighting Envy   1 comment

I was envious of her. She was another female fighter, also 40ish, and she had started rapier a couple of months after I did. But she progressed much faster. Less than two years after authorizing, she received a Sea Dragon at a field court as I watched, feeling happy for her and sorry for myself. […]

Posted August 28, 2015 by Tibbie Croser in Musings

Ask the Audience: Retreating in Italian Rapier   42 comments

So I’ve come across a couple different mechanics for the retreat, in a historic Italian context: Through the Heel – peel up the toe (dorsiflexion) and straighten the front leg, pushing the front heel into the ground to drive the body back. Through the Ball – flex the foot in the opposite direction (plantarflexion), using […]

Posted August 22, 2015 by Ruairc in Italian Rapier

Thoughts on running authorizations   16 comments

(In which Wistric opens up a whole bag of philosophy, opinion, and tradition, tapping into primal desires to “not be skewered like a pig”, begging for vehement discussion.  Will you enable?  Remember: “Probably grossly erroneous” is part of our editorial policy) As an RMiC I like to keep to a schedule as much as possible […]

Posted August 20, 2015 by Wistric in Musings

Relevant Factors   54 comments

I’ve been asked to elaborate on an idea I had not too long ago, and I’ve found that it coincides well with a few other ideas I’ve been fleshing out recently, so all of those things are being combined here. First, a simple assertion: height, more specifically reach, is very advantageous to fencing. Yes? I […]

Posted August 17, 2015 by Dante di Pietro in Fight Psychology, Teaching and Training

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HMA: Strength Training and Rapier   16 comments

It’s been observed before that rapier combat in the SCA, featuring minimal armor and positive-pressure calibration, may appear to be less physically demanding than “heavy” combat, and may suggest to the uninformed that less physical training is necessary for success. Popular culture may have ensconced similar memes in the public at large, vis-a-vis strip fencers […]

Posted August 4, 2015 by Ruairc in Italian Rapier, Musings