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News from the North.   3 comments

Caelia ahoy. Yes, I’m still up in the far reaches of the East Kingdom. No, we haven’t managed to find a practice we can attend, and probably won’t be able to. So it’s just Tristan and I and we have been very, very lazy. It had been ages since I last picked up a blade […]

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Journal, 6/21   Leave a comment

Not much in the way of narrative this week, instead the new list of things to work on: Separating Footwork and Bladework Dom gave this advice to Letia, and some drills to employ to get there.  I don’t know that I do a great job of this myself, and could definitely stand to do the […]

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The every-so-often Melee Motivator   3 comments

Seriously, I’ve given the order “Advance with Jazz Hands”.  Also “Can Can”.  Wistric gets bored sometimes.  And a confused enemy is not a prepared enemy.

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Giganti 8: Countercavazione   2 comments

I’ve been pimping Giganti all over of late (Caelia got a belated birthday present, and I told Miguel and Indy at Drums of War to invest in it).  I wonder if I can put together a class for August University. So far, Giganti has taught two means of attack: Close the line, force a cavazione, […]

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Drums of War   1 comment

Saturday, Letia and I trekked out to Elchinburg Castle for Drums of War.  For a small event, it was pleasantly surprising, especially in the larger-than-expected turnout (predicted 14, got about 20).  A number of Windies made the drive over, including a couple from Attillium, Philippo and Adelric, and Gawin, Adam, and Percy, and a couple […]

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Gawin’s Drums of War   Leave a comment

Wistric asked me to write up some of my thoughts about Drums of War this past weekend, and so this post is going to be from the perspective of a fairly new fighter. I’ve been learning this whole fencing thing from Wistric since early October and DoW was my 5th melee event. Let me start […]

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Journal, 6/14   1 comment

Another week, another Thursday practice.  As mentioned last week, I’m still trying to muster up the urge to kick as much ass as possible, without having Pennsic or WoW as an outlet.  Add to that the current wave of heat and humidity, and it’s a bit like trying to sprint under water.  But screw that, […]

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June University   1 comment

Roz, She Who Must Be Obeyed, and I drove up to Tir-Y-Don this past weekend for the June session of the Atlantian University.  Usually not a big fighting event, but when I read the course descriptions two weeks back, I knew I needed to go. Cut and Thrust Marshalling 101 and Practicum The C&T MiT […]

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Giganti 7: Strikes in Tempo and Cavazione   6 comments

Giganti in these section reiterates his main theme of forcing your opponent to take a tempo and attacking him in that tempo.  At length. Explanation of the Strike in Tempo For instance: Gain your opponent’s sword from out of measure… so that the opponent cannot attack you without a cavazione.  So, in the very tempo […]

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Journal, 6/7   1 comment

I find myself in a strange mental state.  Without Pennsic or WoW (where I’ll be RMiC instead of fighting) to motivate improvement of skill, I’m instead motivated by the sole goal of “getting better”.  I am getting better so that I can get better, period.  Tautological motivations are a tricky thing, and more fragile than […]

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