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Journal, 6/20/2011   2 comments

What does Wistric do when he’s not posting on His Warfare?  Well, apparently, he forgets a lot of shit, like the whole past two weeks.  This started out as a summary of one week of fighting, until I realized I was conflating 14 days, and that I’d forgotten about an entire baronial practice.  Oops. So, […]

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Movie Quote of the Day   2 comments

Once a month Wistric donates platelets to those who are not blessed with the sort of blood-clotting ability that could be used to dam moderate sized rivers. During the two hours of recumbency, ensconced in warm blankets, that this lasts, he watches a movie. Today’s movie was True Grit (the 2010 version), which had an […]

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Warfighter!!!!!?!!!!WTF!!!!!BBQ!!!!11!!!!   3 comments

Er… so the title may seem a weird intarwebs typo-laden spew-fest (this blog is entirely devoid of intarwebs typo-laden spew-fests) but, this past weekend was WARFIGHTER! (which, I’m told, is the correct way to type the name of the event).  WARFIGHTER! could also be called King’s Assessment of His Armies But Not in Black Diamond, […]

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Sapphire Joust 2011   2 comments

Before writing this I went back to last year’s entry just to see how that started.  Last year: I griped about fighting with a 37″ because my 40″ was really floppy.  I was schooled by Connor and Dom, which kept me out of the playoffs in the tourney, and meant I only fought 4 opponents, […]

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Journal, 5/30   4 comments

Heyyy… so, yeah, it’s only been like 2 months since I did one of these journally thingies.  Not entirely sure why.  Some of it has to do with a certain amount of introspection and focusing on maintaining my current performance level for the time being (that performance level is “Pretty damn good”, though my form […]

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