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Kinesthesia and Mindfulness   8 comments

In general, I start raw new fencers with the “Misha Method”, aka the 4-3-2-1 approach: 4 ways to move, 3 ways to defend, 2 ways to kill, 1 secret.  After that, we start working on the various pieces and sub-pieces, but it gives them a context in which to think of the work they’re doing. […]

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!   Leave a comment

To you and yours, whatever your beliefs, I hope this time finds you with those you love most, and that, if not, they are safe and sound wherever they are.  And remember, nothing says “I love you” like three quarter-sized bruises that form a heart on the upper arm. Barring that, you can go with […]

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Fencing Journal 12/14   1 comment

Had to skip Tuesday due to work sucking my soul out so thoroughly I needed to sleep for four hours. I made up for it with interval training on Wednesday, which left me less sore than I’d expected. Showed up to Thursday and only one other fighter showed.  Tres sad.  However, that other fighter was […]

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Iocane Comes from Australia   1 comment

Silver or DiGrassi or one of those period windbags states three fundamental principles of combat: Measure, Tempo, and Judgment. You’ll hear them restated repeatedly. Marozzo has another, Simultaneity of Attack and Defense (his statement is “Always defend when attacking, and attack when defending”). Again, a pretty good idea. There are a couple of others. To […]

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Newbie Philosophical Query of the Week   14 comments

Greetings, all, from sunny Bjornsborg, Ansteorra. I’ve met up with the Bjornsborg crew and found them most welcoming. However, for an astoundingly wide variety of reasons, I’ve only been able to attend two practices. While my sword arm has certainly suffered as a result, I’ve been trying to keep my mind sharp on things fencing […]

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Fencing Journal 12/7   2 comments

(Real post tomorrow) Made two practices this week.  Fought Charlotte, Roz, and Benjamin on Tuesday.  Hit the Kappellenberg practice on Thursday.  Need to keep working on the buckler game. Still stressed from work, still cranky. Thoughts: When feeling flabby and cold, warm up more. Don’t waste the time fighting badly and off a step because […]

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Lazy Fencing   8 comments

Marozzo called it “Guardia di Coda Lunga y Larga”: Swetnam called it his “Lazy Guard”.  Before I’d heard of either, I called it “Lazy Provost Stance”. You stand ready to fight, except your sword is hanging comfortably at your side, well out of the way of any attempt to bind your sword, but a quick […]

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Fencing Journal: 11/30   Leave a comment

(thank you for reminding me, Mattheu) Not much in the way of fighting this week, due to work being a pain in the butt (again).  No post-Turkey Day event, no Tuesday practice because of work issues.  So by Thursday I was sore (my muscles get sore if I don’t fence), stressed, and cranky.  Perfect time […]

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