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Mair’s Sickle fight 2: Inferior Et Superior Incisio   1 comment

Translation by Rachel Barkley A Lower and and Upper Incision In mutual combat, if you have prepared yourself in advance like an athlete for the competition[1], remember that you should fix forward the right foot and against the adversary you should control the grain sickle with the right hand. You should protect under your right […]

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Other People’s Stuff: Beyond the Squat   Leave a comment

David Packer, of Box Wrestle Fence, posted a brief overview of some additional leg strengthening/conditioning exercises that target particular needs of fencer legs.  Worth a read! Bounce A Little Higher: Moving Past The Squat  

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HMA?   6 comments

Yeah, you should do the… crap… out of that.   (This will be the least annoying of my pokings and proddings on the matter)   -shiny new Atlantian Deputy Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences for HMA

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Question for the Audience: 4 out of 5 not bad?   14 comments

From Dante So, a while back (on the Armour Archive) a duke from another kingdom, in regards to his knighthood standard, remarked that consistently winning 80% of your fights in all tournaments that you enter was a significant accomplishment because not many people can manage that. I started paying attention to how I do (and […]

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Ruby Joust 2012: Wistric’s vague memories   2 comments

Sweetums and I trucked up early Saturday morning, pitched our tent, and eventually made our way to the rapier field. Ruby Tourney For the Ruby tourney there were 44 fighters, which split to 11 per pool.  The White Scarves had a lower representation than normal, there was only one per pool.  Except mine.  It had […]

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Mair’s Sickle fight 1: Incisio Superna Falcis Frumentariae De Latere Utroque   1 comment

Translation by Rachel Barkley An Incision of the Grain Sickle from Above Down on Either Side If you two are mutually engaged with a proper[1]  sickle, you should put forward the right foot. You should grasp the sickle with the right hand next to the left side of your head, you should reach out against […]

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