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Journal, 12/20   3 comments

A rather thin one, what with not being in the state and all. And yet, as They Who Created Wistric said: “You found a fight at Christmas?!” That’s Right Having grown up in the Barony of Darkwater, yet ignorant of the SCA, I didn’t take much heed of the Society in my home town until […]

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Last week’s videos   14 comments

Complete with absolutely no commentary: Wistric and Jauma footwork studies: Rory: Letia: Gawin:

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Journal, 11/29&12/6   Leave a comment

There was not quite enough last week to both with a full entry, for various reasons which I’ll get in to later. Later having arrived: Drills on Wednesday Wednesday of last week was the first of what should be a weekly occurrence of drills in the driveway.  Caelia and I used to do this, and […]

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Giganti 18: Feints and strikes around daggers   12 comments

This week was mostly taken up by a marshal’s class at practice, but we got in our Giganti, and closed out with a double bearpit.  Meanwhile, I tried to sit down to write this and got distracted watching Reclaiming the Blade, thinking “this will be cute”.  ZOMG… watch that shit! The Feint of Sword and […]

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