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Thoughts on Teaching (and Learning) Pt. 1   2 comments

Dreya/Caelia here. As a follow-up to the question posted earlier this week, I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve had on teaching and learning. I am not a teacher in real life, and I am not a gold or white scarf, but I don’t think either of those conditions preclude me from being able to […]

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Fencing Journal 1/25/10   1 comment

No Tuesday practice for me; the Durham county animal control committee was mulling over a change to its policies that would make my other hobby (trap-neuter-return of “free-roaming” cats) no longer a misdemeanor, so I showed up and to watch my government inaction.  While entirely not fencing related (but related to certain other social dynamics […]

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Not-so-Newbie Question of the Week   4 comments

Greetings again from sunny Bjornsborg, Ansteorra, where the winter chill and holiday madness have receded enough to once more  make stabbing a delightful addition to my weekly schedule. I missed my armful of bruises, I did. I am happy to report that there have been quite a few new fencers at practice down here, three […]

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Question: How do you define a trick?   6 comments

I’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts

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Fencing Journal 1/18   Leave a comment

Not a whole lot happened this week.  I got out to Tuesday practice but Thursday practice was rained out.  Well, mudded (muddied?) out, due to Their Ex’s yard being turned in to a mudpit by a day of rain.  Hit the gym on Monday and on Thursday (Wednesday was the day of a horrible, all-day-long, […]

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Fencing Journal (week of) 1/11   1 comment

Once-a-week practicing continues.  Work has a nasty habit of sitting on Tuesdays and squeezing the breath out of them.  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, too.  Thursdays, also.  But Thursdays are sacrosanct. In lieu of making practice on Tuesday, I hit the gym on Wednesday and did 35 minutes of cross-country on the stationary bike.  Not great, […]

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Opening up a Whole Case of Whoopass   3 comments

I’m slated to teach a class on case with Alric the Mad at winter U.  We’ve got our outline in place and have discussed various aspects.  But I have yet to sit down and put together all of my thoughts on the topic.  Well, let’s remedy that. First, why fight case? I can speak for […]

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Would you fight if there was no melee?   Leave a comment

A while back, Caelia asked me this, and I’ve been putting some thought into it. The easy answer is yes, I would.  I don’t think I’d seek out tourneys any more than I do now, but I love fighting.  Nothing else could get me to stand around in the cold for three hours freezing my […]

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Fencing Journal 1/4/10   3 comments

Happy New Year!  A real brain dump is in the works on my notebook in front of me, but it’s not gelled quite yet, so meanwhile… Back to practice last night after 3 weeks off.  I still am apparently < 210 lbs, even after the holidays, which I can really only attribute to stress metabolism.  […]

Posted January 8, 2010 by wistric in Journal