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First Giganti Redux 13: Cuts   Leave a comment

At this point, defense against cuts has already been pretty thoroughly covered in the recent discussion of tempo and in the discussion of Second Giganti, in chapters I, II, and III.  What follows is a rough summation of those lessons. When discussing cuts it’s always worthwhile to remember Di Grassi’s (and others’) admonition that the […]

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Dante wrote a book!   3 comments

Dante, frequent contributor and goad to this blog, has been busy the past six months putting together a book. On Historical Fencing with the Rapier and Dagger  by Darren Di Battista et al. When old HMA practitioners gather around the campfire, they talk about the good old days when all there was was Di Grassi, […]

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Editorial: On OoDs and ODs   1 comment

My friend and teacher Iskender once described my sense of humor as “like a shotgun.” I try to hit everything. To use a different analogy, if it comes across the plate, I swing at it. Understand this is the person who is now saying: Stop using “OoD”. To bring everybody up to speed: With the creation […]

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First Giganti Redux 12: Sword and Dagger   2 comments

In single rapier the sword divides the world into two halves, the inside and the outside.  Attacks are generally described as being on the inside or outside line (with variants high and low, and at various angles).  To cover these two lines, you have one weapon. In sword and dagger you have a world divided […]

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