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Grande Tournoi d’Amitie 2011   2 comments

Really, I think I should stop over-estimating my abilities, it just gets me in trouble.  I think “Eh, that?  I could do that, easy” and then I find somebody actually calling my bluff and I have to put my money where my mouth is (See “War of the Wings 2010” and “Spring Coronation 2011”).  And […]

Posted May 27, 2011 by wistric in Events

Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 36: Charging, revisited   2 comments

Back almost two years ago, I held forth in one of these on the topic of charging. I feel it’s worth a revisit. Possibly, my exterior has become more leathern, possibly, I’ve just learned how better to control my opponents, or, I don’t know, grew a pair and toughened up, but I’m starting to think […]

Posted May 6, 2011 by wistric in Melee, Wistric's Weekly Warfare