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It’s Like Soup   Leave a comment

Today Rory and I discussed Fabris’s Extended fourth guard and discovered that…. Fabris’s Extended Fourth Guard is like chicken soup with a side of cheese toast! No really it is, and I don’t even eat chicken soup…. Fabris’s extended fourth guard is when you have the blade in fourth (suppinated/palm up grip), the arm fully […]

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Zombieland and Melee   2 comments

While I am very fond of Wistric’s Rules of Melee, a second viewing of Zombieland reminded me of just how useful some of the rules are, both on the field and, as it turns out, for marshals.  Also, some of them are not at all useful. “Cardio” – Almost goes without saying, doesn’t it? “Double […]

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Fabris 1/16/12 and beyond   3 comments

Fabris Practice Concepts and things to practice: Lunging Moving Don’t fear the sword Angled attacks off line Passing attack, passing through the opponent Changing intent mid plan Cavazione with forward movement Identify openings Voids Lunging through the tip Working angles Forte going where the tip started “Lead with the forte” Drills and what they work: […]

Posted January 15, 2012 by Tassin in Musings