So, You Want to Learn to Fence…

Actually, this will end up being more about learning in general, and how to effect skill and knowledge development as an autodidact. Most of us are, to one degree or another, self-taught, and so having a better understanding of how to learn without direct instruction is invariably useful.

Before we begin, you must accept and […]

Relevant Factors

I’ve been asked to elaborate on an idea I had not too long ago, and I’ve found that it coincides well with a few other ideas I’ve been fleshing out recently, so all of those things are being combined here.

First, a simple assertion: height, more specifically reach, is very advantageous to fencing. Yes? I […]

Cognitive Distortions That Impede Improvement

Since you have a human brain, you should know that it does not really work all that well most of the time. Sure, it’s amazing and wondrous and a genuine marvel of evolution, but it is nonetheless marred by all sorts of biases that are very useful for keeping a hunter-gatherer alive and are less […]

Hacking the Brain: The Neuroscience of Motor Learning I

One of the greatest tools at our disposal when we are learning to fence is our brains and nervous systems. It may surprise you to learn that up until a certain point, the majority of gains when learning new physical skills are neurological in nature, and are not due to increased muscle strength. The reason […]

Fight Like a Girl

So recently I received an email from a local fighter, concerned because someone told him that he treats women differently in a fight — more “softly”.

I’ve heard this same kind of complaint before; I’ve had people ( people I know and respect ) warn me that such-and-such fighter doesn’t respect women/won’t take […]