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Holiday Faire 2011   Leave a comment

Friday night, Tassin, Gawin, and I (but not Ruairc, boo Ruairc and holiday work schedules) piled in to Gawin’s little shoe box on wheels and headed up to Dante’s house, the two of them staying awake by talking alternately about League of Legends and Skyrim, which apparently are what people do if they can’t fight.  […]

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Fabris 11/16/11   Leave a comment

Much like last week we fought warm up passes, fought some Fabris passes and then drilled.   The drills were very similar to last week although we experimented some. We found that the attack where you drop the tip worked well enough coming in at roughly the center of mass because voiding requires a fairly […]

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Saturday in the Salle   Leave a comment

Saturday at Way Too Damn Early, Gawin, Tassin, Antonio III, and Jana piled into the War Wagon and drove three hours down to Sir Christian’s place for a couple reasons: 1) I wanted to fight somebody, a lot of somebodies, now that my foot seems to be functional. 2) Christian recently got his hands on […]

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Fabris 11/9/11   Leave a comment

Warm ups consisted of me (Tassin) and Letia fighting a number of passes with sword and dagger in our normal SCA style of fighting. This continued until we were both warmed up. Drills: Today’s drills focused on finding the blade and attacking. First drill, finding the blade: Agente and patiente start out of measure. The […]

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Journal, 10/31: For reals this time   Leave a comment

Sort of. I have gotten completely out of the habit of how to write and document these, so it’s going to be weak. That said: The Foot is Alright I’ve had two real practices where my foot felt fully functional, one baronial, one Kbergian (plus a couple of driveway fights).  At the baronial practice, fighting […]

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Mair’s Peasant Flail 8: Duo Superni Ictus   Leave a comment

Translation by Rachel Barkley Two High Blows Here you will wish to use now the following position properly. You will place forward the right foot and you will grasp the body of the flail in the middle with the right hand, and you will apply the left hand to the posterior part. Strike the left […]

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Journal, 10/31-ish, but really just “the past two months”   2 comments

This past week I actually got out and ran for the first time since Pennsic.  The foot endured it with little complaint, and let the rest of my body suffer from chronic slack-assitude.  Not, in and of itself, notable, but it does mean it’s time to get back to training and kicking ass and taking […]

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