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Other People’s Stuff: Aggression   Leave a comment

The following e-mail thread has been ongoing on the Academie list, and has some useful thoughts. The opening post: Greetings to the list. A few people have been working with me recently on turning up my aggressiveness from its current minimal level. I find myself with numerous mental hurdles to overcome in being more aggressive. […]

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Midnight at the Oasis II   2 comments

This post must start with giving props to Giovan, the Rapier Marshal in Charge at the event.  Through far more research, careful thought, and ingenuity than I’ve ever brought to an event where I was RMiC, he pretty much invented a novel melee scenario.  The closest parallel is what happens at La Rochelle after the […]

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Wistrics Weekly Warfare 29: Melee Math   1 comment

In 5-on-5 melees, a certain threshold is reached where the group of fighters actually becomes a unit.  This is important because, even should one of the 5 die, the other four have a decent chance of surviving as they still have enough manpower to shift resources and create temporary numerical superiority while delaying their opponents’ […]

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Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 28: Engagement   4 comments

One of the old saws of the melee world is that if you ask somebody if they understand engagement, and they say ‘Yes’, they’re lying.  They may not know it, but they really don’t understand engagement.  There’s a simple reason: engagement is stupid.  Or at least, any single definition of engagement is so insufficient as […]

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Other People’s Stuff: Sports training for Field Awareness   2 comments

Wired Magazine had an article on Field Awareness.  No, really! I found this on Sir Corby’s blog.  Some excerpts below:   On Being the Great One Athleticism is impressive but essentially prosaic, a matter of muscle. But vision is something else, something more elusive. Opponents struggling to anticipate Gretzky’s next move often became disoriented, […]

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