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This Week in German HMA – July 16th-22nd   Leave a comment

Week 2 of the New Plan, and so far, three more for the records: Mair’s Sickle fight 6: Gemina incisio contra geminam aversionem – Which inspires little commentary Mair’s Sickle fight 7: Supera et infera incisio cum suis aversionibus – Which makes Wistric swear, SWEAR that he can decode the system, leaving him crouching over […]

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This week in German Martial Arts – July 9th-15th   Leave a comment

Saturday, hanging out at Letia’s birthday party, Yzra said “I’m almost up to 100 pages translated!”  I thought about it, and how I’ve got all of 10 of those pages up for public consumption, and said, “We may need to take a new tack to getting these on the WW.”  “How so?  Just post one […]

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Assessment 2012   2 comments

Speaking of Assessment, how was yours?

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Melee Scenarii   16 comments

The lengthy ride back from day-tripping Assessment was made no more bearable by Wistric’s company. Such are the perils of carpooling. As we cruised through rural NC, the subject of unusual scenarios came up, and the discussion was deep enough to keep us occupied ’til home. Most melee scenarios (or tournaments, for that matter) follow […]

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Mair’s Sickle fight 3: Incisio Contra Habitum Hostis Vellendi   1 comment

  Translation by Rachel Barkley Incision against the Position of an Enemy Pulling Away In this fight, if you will have come up nearer to your enemy than before [1], you will place forward the right foot and you will grasp the sickle in the right hand against him. You will hold the left hand […]

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