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Giganti 15: Parrying Thrusts with Dagger   1 comment

This is a little overdue, and we’ve slacked off on hitting the Giganti recently, though it’s coming back out at practice on Thursday (heads up, Gawin and Letia) to change that.  Having segued to dagger, then, on to the first set of dagger chapters, of the form “how to parry a thrust to the ____”.  […]

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Question for the Masses: Mutual improvement   5 comments

The three main fighters down in Attilium each have separately come to me and said that they want to get better but they feel like at practice they just end up fighting each other over and over.  I provided my own thoughts to them, but am curious as to the thoughts of everybody else: How […]

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Wistric’s Weekly Musical Interlude   3 comments

In honor of my aching thenar and hypothenar areas… I love rattan hafts I love blue closed cell foam I love gorilla tape And when a blow strikes home I love my polearm Fuerch-ten-un-ab-wend-bar Boom di-yadda boom di-yadda boom di-yadda boom di-yadda

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Journal, 9/10   5 comments

Thursday at work was cranky-making, and then FedEx failed to deliver my new sword as promised, so I did not have my sword (which is named “Happiness” because money sure as hell can buy that), and I had an enduring funk by the time I got to practice with a brain that had checked out […]

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On Personal Courtesy   1 comment

Courtesy is a word we love to throw around, but it needs a bit of context.  I feel more-than-usually qualified to speak on this topic not out of a deeply-rooted virtue, but because my absolute favorite sin is wrath. There are many stories I refer to as “beer stories”.  They’re usually long, and not exemplary […]

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40 for XL   9 comments

The Plan For the record: the alcohol, enthusiastic newbies (Hi, Gawin!), and enthusiastic baronages DO mix, but sometimes in unpredictable ways. For instance, they can (but have not in Windmasters) led to some scandals.  Or they can lead to dancing that should never happen.  Or they can result in somebody saying “You know, next year […]

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