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Pennsic XL Part 5: Which contains almost no rapier melee   7 comments

For reasons that will become clear relatively shortly, this post has almost absolutely nothing to do with the stated purpose of this blog, musings on rapier melee.  The staff apologize.  But it WILL have something to do with Heavy Bridge Battles The setup: 5 thirty-foot wide bridges (Call them 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, […]

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Pennsic XL Part 4: 10 men enter, 5 men leave   11 comments

Hmmmm, that just sounds less impressive than the Thunderdome mantra.  Though, really, the Atlantian 5-man tourney isn’t the Thunderdome, it’s a little less hardcore than that, what with the whole “Kill our friends, not hurt them”.  “2 friends enter, 2 friends leave, just one of them leaves a little sooner than the other” doesn’t have […]

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Pennsic XL Part 3: Over the rapier and through the woods…   2 comments

Armored Woods Battle: A Good Walk Spoiled Tuesday morning I dragged the cart full of armor up Mt. Eislinn and, being all warmed up and stuff, proceeded to try to find someone to hit.  His Excellency was gone in to town to find a way to resolve flooding issues in his tent, and the gathered […]

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Pennsic XL Part 2: Valleys and Towns   3 comments

While, as you’ll see, there were many, many things that were not optimally planned (at least in my judgment) about this Pennsic, I do have to give the organizers credit for doing one thing: Armored battles in the morning, Rapier in the afternoon.  This meant that I could easily fight all battles on both fields, […]

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Pennsic XL Part 1: Hats and bats   7 comments

The bruises are pale yellow, I can almost walk without a limp, and the rust has been knocked off the blades, all of which means it’s time to write down the happenings of Pennsic before all proof of their existence vanishes or is repressed and they slip into the dark murk of history. As was […]

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