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Pennsic Woods and Plateau   3 comments

Gawin here again to finish up the postings about the Pennsic melee battles. Woods Battle: After winning the town battle on Monday, Atlantia lined up with the East and allies Tuesday to take part in the Woods battle. The new woods are fairly thick with lots of poison ivy (that I still have) and is […]

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Giganti 14: Segue to daggers   3 comments

The long lost Giganti book has returned from its walk about, with a signature on the inside front cover, and now I can finally resume where we left off before Pennsic.  Having addressed the use of the single sword against single sword, Giganti now moves to the dagger.  Starting with what to do when your […]

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Town battle   8 comments

The objective in the town battle was to hold 3 flags that formed a line across the middle of a symmetric field between the two armies. The flag on our left was placed on a bridge extending from the castle entranceway with a path towards it on either side. The flag in the middle was […]

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Pennsic 39   Leave a comment

Since Wistric was unable to be at Pennsic this year, he asked me to write about the battles. First, a general overview: The Windmasters’ group included Letia, Calli, and myself and we were placed under the command of Raphael as part of the southern regional unit. Our unit included the fighters from Black Diamond (Michael […]

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Congratulations!   1 comment

Practice was canceled this week, so there’s nothing to talk about, except… Congratulations, Gawin, on winning the first tournament of Pennsic!

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Journal, July 26th   Leave a comment

There will, eventually, be discourse upon the first sections of Giganti’s instructions on the use of dagger, however since my Giganti book is now at Pennsic, without me, on a quest for Tom Leoni’s signature, it will have to wait. And now that I think about it, I should have sent a dollar bill instead. […]

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