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Hey, look, actually writing one of these the week it happens.  Will wonders never cease.  Eh, they probably will.  Don’t hold your breath on next week. Anyway… drills!  Didn’t happen this week.  They’re being moved to Sundays afternoon, starting this coming Sunday, so the only opportunity I had to put a sword in my hand […]

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It’s the week of Ymir, which means accelerating towards ass-kickery. At Wednesday drills we did our usual footwork and advance-lunge, and started working the Priest Drill extra hard.  Then we started in on the Drill of 5 Things, doing the pressure/no-pressure step until it was right. At Thursday practice, Roz showed up so I could […]

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Ymir 2011   Leave a comment

And that’s another event done, and on the one hand my body is screaming to decelerate and rest, but there’s another event this weekend, and another and another and Gulf Wars and another and, basically, my body gets to nut up. This is where Wistric is grumpy.  I’m mostly over it by now, but… A […]

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Journal, 2/7   Leave a comment

She Who Must Be Obeyed started her new job on Monday, which means economic stability and probably helped drop my blood pressure. Unfortunately, it’s second-shift, which means she’s not home until 11:30. Knock-on effect from that: I haven’t slept well all week, so I took Thursday (practice night) to nap, and it was oh so […]

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Journal, 1/31: KASF and whatnot   2 comments

I think I’m going to have to start keeping a paper diary at practice, since a lot of my thoughts there are getting lost by the time I sit down to this bad boy. On the way back from Ice Castles, Letia and I hatched a plan.  Well, actually, Letia hatched a plan, and I […]

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Questions for the Audience: Kill Mode   4 comments

Say you’ve got a Champions fight, or just a tough opponent in a tourney (or, just, any opponent, in a tourney) — How do you get into the mental place where you are most ready to get some killing on?

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Ice Castle 2011   2 comments

Man, what a weekend.  Really, it’s hard to start off with anything else, more enlightening or scholarly or anything.  By the time I got home on Sunday I was so thoroughly sated on a vast panoply of levels that the only thing left to do on my checklist was shoot Nazis and go to sleep.  […]

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