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Second Giganti: Introduction and Preface   1 comment

Three years after working through Tom Leoni’s Venetian Rapier, his translation of Nicoletto Giganti’s first book, Piermarco Terminiello and Joshua Pendragon (really, people are still named Pendragon, isn’t that awesome?) have discovered, translated, and published The ‘Lost’ Second Book of Nicoletto Giganti (1608). Their introductions are fascinating, and an excellent testimony to the fact that […]

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Question for the Audience: Tells   5 comments

I was thinking about the Most Dangerous Swordsman I’ve known (though, this was when I was a foil fencer at the club in Orlando, so it’s been a while), who was this late-60-something guy shaped like a beachball.  In no way, by physical judgment, could he have been thought of as dangerous.   I was […]

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Minimalist Italian Rapier Experiment – Study Questions   Leave a comment

For those of you playing along at home, below are the questions developed while doing the reading.  Some of them have simple answers found in one sentence, some have answers spread across many chapters. Why does he divide the sword into four parts? What are the traits of a counter-guard? At what measure is a […]

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Missives from the South   5 comments

Made it out to practice, finally, last night. I have not fought since December 19th, and frequent readers of the Warfare may know that I get twitchy after one week without stabbing people. There’s a practice up in Athens that I’d been meaning to go to, on Mondays, but it’s an hour long drive and […]

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