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The Mental Game   5 comments

Almost all the fencing instruction I have received (and certainly all I have given) has been either technical or tactical in nature. Technique addresses the physics of fencing—the footwork, the blade angles, the body mechanics, etc, while tactics concern the broader considerations of the fight—forming a counterguard, gaining the blade, setting up an attack, adapting […]

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The Adrenaline Rush   15 comments

Ruairc Ua Aedh, or however it is his people choose to call themselves, has talked about “the one percent” left over after one accounted for the “why” and “how” of swordplay. He called it many things. The “headspace” or the “mental game.” As he put it, “ethereal” and a “nebulous arcane cluster of concepts.” The […]

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Ruby Joust 2012: How was yours?   12 comments

I know a few of our contributors are already working on writeups, which should get their own post, but feel free to chime in with your thoughts on how the event went, how you did, etc, etc.

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Fabris: Finding the Sword Part 1   Leave a comment

When thinking about a fight there are three major concepts to consider. Am I in measure? Have I found their sword? Is my opponent taking a tempo? These concepts of measure, line, and tempo are all related and one cannot be examined without the others playing some role. However, for the time being Letia and […]

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Wistric Fighting Journal, Week of 5/14/2012   2 comments

Wow, it’s been a while since I did one of these.  I blame sloth, because it’s an easy target.  Slow moving and whatnot. For some of the below to make sense, it’s worth mentioning that while sparring a couple weeks back with Don David, I may have cracked a rib (don’t tell him).   Wednesday […]

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Sichelfechten 0: Introduction   Leave a comment

We’re just about finalized on this bad boy (and moving on to Staff, Scythe, Halberd, and Dussack), so it’s about time to kick this off… This is a wildly different form from any of my experience.  As with dagger fighting, it’s most definitely not fencing.  It has some similarities to the two-hander Germanic style which […]

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Welcome to the New (but familiar) Weekly Warfare   7 comments

WE HAZ DOMAIN NAME! Also, we need header art. And contributors.   THIS is why it hasn’t been “weekly” of late.

Posted May 10, 2012 by Wistric in Musings