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Wistric’s Weekly Warfare 35: Moving Forward   4 comments

First of all: No, this is not a “Future of the Blog” post.  Yeebus no.  Instead, this is about, well… Moving forward.  As an army.  Together, and whatnot, without dying terribly. The Step Command The standard approach to moving a line forward against resistance has been the step command.  At the command “Prepare” the line […]

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Golden Rose 2011   Leave a comment

For the third year now, we have honored the current and former queens of Atlantia with a day of fighting in their name, for their glory, and giving it our best.  The Roses each have a team, and the Rose with the most points (earned on the armored or rapier field, or archery field, or […]

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Night on the Town 2011   2 comments

What could get me to drive five hours after a long day of work?  Only the greatest rapier melee event in Atlantia.  And my crashpad, at Alric’s, happened to also include a hot tub and an introduction to the game Dominion.  So equipped with a gratitudinal absinthe and all the gear necessary for practicing murder […]

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Questions for the Audience: Female adrenal response   3 comments

In general, the female and male adrenal responses are significantly different.  Men can “light switch”: turn it on for an immediate burst, and then turn it off.  The typical female response requires more of a gradual ramping up (I can fight my A game without much/any warmup; Letia has to fight for about 30 minutes […]

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New and/or Improved Drills   1 comment

Sunday Drills in the Driveway changed to Drills in the Backyard, and I, indulging my Miyagi-san fantasies, spent most of the time tending my garden and yelling out at the fencers.  We spent two and a half hours out there, which was pretty damn decent. Since I wasn’t masked up, I had a better vantage […]

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Spring Coronation 2011   Leave a comment

This past Saturday Michael and Seonaid were crowned King and Queen of Atlantia.  Their coronation was celebrated with performance and, of course, fighting.  How did I do in the fighting?  I didn’t.  I was running the event.  ’cause, like, this seemed like a good idea.  And, it was.  But why?  And why am I talking […]

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Congratulations to the War Wagon   Leave a comment

Wistric’s War Wagon reached 100,000 miles this morning, though admittedly that wasn’t on its original engine. Wistric is a better fencer than mechanic.

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Gulf Wars Fort Battle   5 comments

As mentioned, I marshaled Gulf Wars’s fort battle (because Dante’s right, it’s more fun to marshal those).  Luckily, Letia did fight it, so I’ve pulled her in for input: Everyone was off safely towards home… except for a few stubborn slightly sunburnt crew.  We split up into two teams which were milling about a bit. Greylond […]

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