Mair’s Sickle fight 14: Binae inferiores incisiones   Leave a comment

From the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Agente on the left, Patiente on the right, at Agente’s response

Translation by Rachel Barkley 

Two downward blows[1]

From this fight, you should stand upright with the shins equal[2], you should hold the grain sickle in the right hand at the same time on the right side. Meanwhile you should snatch up the hand with your left hand[3], and you should place the right hand near the right hip, after that you should place forward the left foot at the same time on the outside of the enemy’s left foot, and if you will have ploughed up his left placed-forward foot, drag forward the enemy from this position, turning him toward you.

If however he employs the same against you, then you should attack the left shoulder of the enemy with the left hand, and if you turning your left side should wrench off the enemy, you should repel his own incision. Meanwhile you should throw in from behind the sickle to his genitals between both of his feet, and thence you turning him should wrench apart, and thusly in this manner it is permitted[4] that you should drag through the fixed forward left foot.[5]


[1] Despite the commentor’s hopes, the translator assures us that the proper translation is not “Dueling beignets”

[2] Thinking back to Plate 4, this is a similar starting position.  As with plate 4 it seems as though this could be a continuation from a void.

[3] The word used is arripere which means “to snatch” or “to seize eagerly”. This is a quick exchange of the sickle to the left hand.

[4] “You should be able to”

[5] See the illustration for a better understanding of what’s happening. And wear a cup when you play through this one.


Interpretation by Owen Townes


Standing upright, feet together
Sickle raised over head

Left foot forward
Sickle in middle guard


Switch sickle to Left hand and withdraw Right hand to hip
Step in with Left foot to outside of Patiente’s Left foot
Plough up Patiente’s Left foot and “drag forward”

Seize Agente’s Left shoulder and attack from behind “his genitals between his legs”
Drag through his leg as you withdraw


The illustration shows Agente’s attack to the leg as off-sided, though this feels awkward, though if the exchange is done right (with the left hand moving more than the right hand does) it gets a little easier.

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